Monday, January 08, 2007

Golf Tournament Gifts

The game of golf has gone further than the sports boundary. It has become a number of things, like being the unofficial pursuit of the elite and the privileged and a usual pastime sport for businessmen and corporate individuals. Golf is integrated too much into the professional realm that playing a round of golf while holding meetings isn’t unheard of these days. More than ever deals are signed and agreements sealed while setting up tees over the fairway.

For that reason, business golf and similar unofficial golf tournaments should be held as dignified as possible. These private functions, though informal, still need a semblance of proper business sport if such terminology should exist. Prices still should be awarded, parting gifts should be distributed, and promotional items should be given away. This is where golf tournament gifts are needed.

For corporate or non corporate golf tournament, appropriate gifts do come in various ideas. Bag tags, golf towels, golf tees, pocket knives, golf balls, golf caps and even markers and pens can be imparted as gifts or keepsakes. Here are some cool ideas for golf tournament gifts.

The Longest Drive Award

Why not award someone who has the longest drive over the tee. Hey, get real, no one is playing Tiger Woods here. That is to say, there could be quite a stir for the challenge as you arrange The Longest Drive Award. This table set is a hand crafted wooden jewelry or desk set. Available options include a laser engraving option of your company logo or any logo or name of choice. The desk set is especially beautiful; adorned with solid crystal golf ball. This personalized feature is available at no additional charge which is $65.00 per set with the minimum of two sets.

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The First Prize Award

This is a tournament, and tournaments have awards for the first, second and third place. This wooden gift boxes comes with the vital tag of First Place…etc... Actually you can personalize these golf tournament gifts with laser engravings of the company logo and titles. What’s the inside of the box? A dozen top flite golf balls. Perfect. Get this for $180 for 4 gift boxes.

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The Golf Cup

Big scale tournaments require much better prizes than desk sets and pewters. The suitable gifts should be silver golf cups, crystal trophies, and statue trophies. Why, because they make splendid centerpieces that are an excellent additions to anyone’s living room. You can’t do that with desk sets now, can you? A cool selection for your golf tournament gifts indeed.

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