Monday, January 08, 2007

Golf Tips

Do you often drive an ace or mostly dub double bogeys? Because if you find yourself doing fat shots and bogeys more than making holes in one, chances are you may not be a sandbagger than you’d wanted others to believe. Most probably you are a dub.

Well, here are some golf tips that can really help you spruce up your play.

Golf Tips on Clearing Sand Traps

Hazards like ponds and sand traps are prickly areas to play. Even if you’re quite adept in handling lob shots in ranges, executing it in on bunkers is different. It involves not hitting the ball for one. To make an effective shot, the golf club must never touch the ball or you could overdrive it.

To execute it properly, you must understand how being plugged affects the mechanics. First is the sand. No ball rolls better in the sand. It is easy to get your ball out of the sand and back on the green. You can do it even by hitting the ball directly. But hitting to get it close to the hole requires something more. For starters, close the face of your sand or lob wedge. When you execute the stroke, you must dig into the sand to reach beneath the ball. Take some sand with the shot to put a stop on the ball. Remember, this kind of stroke should put some back spin on the ball to limit the amount of roll.

Golf Tips about Backhand Shots

Backhand shots don’t happen very often. But when they do, they make average players look spoofs. In these situations, a lie prevents you to address the ball with a normal stance. Such cases backhand is an option, a difficult option.

Seven Iron is the best club for such situation. Some competent golfers turn their backs around while delivering a stroke. Others do it sideways and slanting. Whatever it is, this situation is best done on a controlled stroke with Seven Iron.

Achieving that Longer Drive

It may be mundanely easy to look and observe those better players do the golf swing but mastering it is notoriously difficult. Ask somebody to tutor you on. You’ll never know how bad your form is unless someone is observing you. Considerably long (or short) drives are factors of many things. Like a good shoulder turn which is the key for most hitting power. It would help if your arms aren’t bunched together with your torso as you start the swing. This is the common mistake of starter golfers who deny themselves greater range by constricting turn.

If the golf clubs are the concern, the Callaway x460 or the Taylormade r7 460 should address that problem squarely. These drivers have considerable heads which adds weight and power to the drive.

Bear in mind, golf tips exist for a reason. And so does golf duffers. They exist to make the good players stand out. Don’t worry so much about being the golf duffer. After all, if everyone has to hit every shot into the green, there would be no point over beverages at the 19th hole.


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