Monday, January 08, 2007

Golf Teaching Aid

Nothing’s more exasperating than missing a drives for a fairway on a 40 inch wood. Several factors could include like an unintended hook or a too powerful slice. After all how hard could it be to hit a stationary object such as a ball on a tee. But there it happens a few more times than you thought possible.

If you want to improve your golf swings to a point when you can say out loud where your shots are going, studying the shots you’ve made is the first step.

The first step is learning how to perfect your swing. While watching those scratch players do their textbook swings that deliver the ball in loyally straight manner can be very easy, executing those swings yourself can be insanely difficult. Very difficult in fact that you must not expect to master the golf swing in days. Even Bernhard Langer of the World Golf Hall of Fame of 2001 has been known to relentlessly practice in the Practice ranges after he had won several European Tours. So do Ian Baker-Finch who used to do a number of flawless shots on the practice range before competing in the PGA Tours.

One golf teaching aid is the Golf Impact Indicator. This substance allows you to keep track where the ball made contact with the club face, therefore allowing you critical information about your accuracy. Precision can be of several factors: grip, stance, and swing. Golf Dust is the leading golf impact indicator that has been used worldwide and it can be bought at $16.45 USD at The 2.70 oz can is enough for approximately 150 applications.

Proper club grip is also an aspect to be considered. Wrist action correlates to your swing power, hence ball delivery. A golf teaching aid like Rick Smith’s Golf Glove at $37.95 can correct unidentified errors of your grip by keeping your wrist straight and in the best position. The golf glove can even be worn during your play.

The Golf Swing Plane Trainer is also a golf teaching aid that helps you develop a better plane swing. The Golf Swing plane Trainer is large, mind you, and it cost $319, but it shows you the path of a golf swing. Try a number of swings with this golf teaching aid and see if the Plane Trainer helps you achieve a much more consistent stroke.

Practicing golf doesn’t always need to be in ranges. In fact the P3ProSwing Large Net is a useful golf teaching aid designed to allow a dedicated learner to set up a golf range anywhere. P3ProSwing Large Net is lightweight and can be set up in minutes. Practice all those problem shots anywhere anytime. P3ProSwing Large Net is available for $169.95.


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