Monday, January 08, 2007

Golf Clubs

Every golfer knows how superb golf clubs deeply affects gameplay; providing loft, making important backspins, and even those crucial moments and deft touches over the green. Golf clubs are the immediate extension of a player’s skill, the player’s game. It is a mutual collaboration of skill and contrivance that will spell how a game proceeds.

Suffice to say (or simply put!), getting the best golf club can always make your game improve. Some clubs are designed to compensate your weak spot. The only hindrance though is the seemingly endless option of good clubs out there that would ultimately leave you more confused than when you first started.

Getting the best golf clubs doesn’t require a mean technique. It’s a matter of choosing the right one in case something else’s isn’t working. Take for instance Utility Woods over Long Irons. Utility Woods is perfect for those who can’t wield Long Irons. Likewise, many people tend to forget how essential shaft lengths can be. The rule is: Make sure length and lie angle matched to your swing. Shortening the shafts can lead to a more comfortable stroke; however you might not notice the weakening of the power of the strokes you’ve made. Why is that? Physics. The lesser the length of the shaft, the lesser too the speed at which the club head travels. In such event you need to add a bit lead tape at the back of the putter to compensate the power loss. Alternatively, Graphite Shafts are also other cool choice for selection of golf clubs –for those who don’t have much strength to wield a heavy one.

While Woods are fairly non existent in any golfers’ bags in the past, almost everybody now uses the Fairway Woods. That is because everybody knows how Woods provide a reasonable power with minimal precision, unlike the Long Iron which requires a strong swing and a fairly accurate hit to get the ball up, especially on rough grass.

Remember though, it’s by experiencing each type that you can eventually decide which is best. Like the aspect of flexibility with the golf shafts and how it also can affect ball delivery which is relatively unknown to starter players. Make sure of golf clubs if they have the appropriate flex for you. Start with the softest flex then move towards the stiffer ones while choosing the best flex. And weight is always beneficial to any strokes as it makes your swing smoother and adds impact.


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