Monday, January 08, 2007

Golf Teaching Tool

Golf is all about the swing, hands down. And for one stroke that’s so characteristically mundane why does it have to be such a pain to master. After seeing those PGA Tour golf professionals swing on the tees, you swore on the –umpped time that you finally knew how to work on those shots. Too bad, chances are you’re likely to fail.

The golf swing is notoriously difficult to master, yet so easy to imitate. And that is the best first step in learning how to swing. It is by watching how textbook golfers swing a round. That’s why it is often recommended that you don’t look at poor golf shots; unknowingly it might seep into your system.

The key is practice. Just like any other acquired skill, golf swing is a product of countless of enduring and lackluster practice. Practice is inevitable, there’s no way to sidestep it. But you can lessen the time needed for you to take the mantle of a professional golfer, or golf swinger at least. You can effectively do this by using Golf Teaching Tools.

A golf teaching tool comes in several formats and with diverse innovative teaching methods. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

Golf Dust’s Golf Impact Indicator
Golf Dust’s Golf Impact Indicator is a spray on substance that allows you to monitor the hits or impacts you made. Before you commence your stroke, you spray a thin coating material on the clubface. After which you can check how accurate the shots were by checking where the golf ball made connected to the face and then adjusting such things as posture, grip and swing. There are several variations of golf impact indicator and another variation is the Golf Impact Indicator Tape, although Gold Dust remains the leading golf impact indicator.

Golf Dust is at $16.45 USD at The 2.70 oz can is enough for approximately 150 applications.

The Super Swing Trainer is a golf teaching tool that helps you develop and master a better plane swing. By having a guide as you practice your swing, in no time consistent golf swings will almost be automatic. It’s an excellent golf swing tutor for almost all swing forms. This golf teaching tool costs $159.99 at

Rick Smith’s Golf Gloves
Rick Smith’s Golf Gloves is a toning glove suitable for grip consistency. Bracing your wrists to proper attitude, it allows fuller wrist action which in turn allows swing finesse and hence better ball delivery.

This golf teaching tool costs $36.95 and can be worn even during your regular play. Get it at


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