Monday, January 08, 2007

Golf Lessons

For all that’s worth in the field, some esteemed individuals do make a complete jackass picture, unknowingly or no when they are on the green. The reason for such is they may either never tried golf or never considered that etiquettes do preside over this gentleman’s game. Do you belong in one category, or both? So stop being someone else’s eyesore whenever a round of golf is decided by reading over this golf lessons. Who’s to say, it may save your face, your job, or your prospects in the long (or short) run.

Golf Lesson 1: Be a Gentleman
Golf is a game of elegance or it won’t be called a gentleman’s sport. There are strict regulations on some clubs to wear a certain outfit but for some public golf courses, this regulation may be a bit slack. Still, golf should be participated in a proper decorum. As golf become more and more a platform on which professionals intermingle and negotiate the quality of one's dress can often be regarded the expression of an individual’s success.

Golf Lesson 2: Leave every Golfer alone
Each player’s Addresses are treated as sacred. That means all players stay away and stay put. Nothing can be more exasperating when somebody acts like a buffoon: standing in front and observing somebody swing; standing behind and take the risk of getting whacked by a Seven Iron or even standing near enough to be in somebody else’s corner of the eye. Another man’s presence is the ultimate distraction for players getting ready on Address. What you should do is stand way back about 5 yards and make no noise. Utterly silent that he’ll forget you were there. Trust me, he won’t though.

Golf Lesson 3: Do your share and shout “Fore!”
Be responsible of your shots. Suffice to say: take care of your ball. Do watch the entire flight of the ball and take note where it landed. Nothing can be more frustrating than an hour spent searching for your ball, especially if your “boss” also conducts the search for you. Does this happen? Yes it does and quite surprisingly it often happens to those novice players occupied with their cool histrionics that they ultimately missed to remember where the ball landed. And yeah, do your share and shout “Fore!”

Golf Lesson 4: Etiquette marks Sportsmanship
You’ll be surprised how much etiquette can be observed in a sport. If you don’t believe it, wait until you can have your first try of the game. A lot are to be observed. Even replacing divots is a considerable etiquette. And no, you just can’t stamp them down; proper etiquette requires it to be gently tapped by your shoe, as if tucking a child to sleep. And even then there are other cultures specific to some golf clubs. A gentleman can really suck in a game big time and still exude such professionalism that he’d be a hot topic on the bar and grill anytime.


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