Monday, January 08, 2007

Golf Impact Indicator

In a game of good golf, everyone is worried one way or another about golf swings. Articles had been written, videos had been taped, and destinies had been written, perfectly dividing those who can and who can’t do golf… or do a competitive golf swing.

To answer the pleas of the thousand frustrated golfers (me included), technology made the golf impact indicator. So what is this breakthrough science of golf impact indicator? First let’s tackle about the most horrible aspect of golf: the golf swing.

Too often we see these PGA Tour golfers swagger about and doing those textbook swings. And we try to emulate their key successes often with various results. 80% of the emulators fail, because while it is insanely easy to look at those swings, it is disgracefully hard to execute them on the field. Mind you, I can hit a ball squarely with a club; just don’t look at the results. It may be a banana for the life of me.

Golfers do need to study their shots. Because within that split second execute is the key where I did the fatal flaw which resulted the ball plunking over the nearest bunker. That’s where Golf Impact Indicators comes in.

A golf impact indicator is a training aid that allows golfers to study the golf swings they have made. This is a practical alternative to improve your strokes. Did you just launch a banana? Look at the evidence the golf impact indicator leave on the club. Then pattern changes according to what you have learned.

Golf Dust is the leading golf impact indicator that has been used worldwide. It comes in a handy spray can that you can use prior to performing your golf swing. After which it leaves an impression on your golf club telling you where the location of the ball contact. You can clearly define where you did wrong, was it posture, reach, grip?

Gold Dust has no dye in it. So it won’t stain anything, fabric, club… plus, it dries instantly. And a training aid as cheap as this is the least expensive and most efficient way to improve your game. The 2.70 oz can is enough for approximately 150 applications and costs $16.45 USD at

So how often do you hit the sweet spot on your golf swing? Get your can of Golf Dust now. It is a cheap alternative than perfecting those strokes for several months on the field.


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